Wednesday, September 21, 2011

1 year already!

My how time flies! A year ago beautiful little Kendall Tamra Clement was born. Over the past year I have enjoyed seeing her grow and change. She now toddles every where she goes, almost running. She is a smiley happy baby. If you put your arms out she will come running for a hug with a smile ear to ear. When she is getting tired I'll say "Kendall you want to go night night?" She responds "nigh nigh nigh" and will rub her eyes. Last night I said "Kendall do you want ice cream" and she said "num num num", like she does when I'm getting her food. She has her teddy bear that she absolutely loves and has since she got it several months back. If she starts getting sassy I will say "Kendall where's your bear?" She'll look around and go find it and cuddle with it. When we are leaving places I tell her "say bye bye" and she will waive. She loves to laugh and boy can Coralynn get her giggling. Cora loves being a big sister and is an amazing little helper. She's always trying to figure out what sissy needs or what she's getting into. Coralynn cleaned the house last night because she wanted it to be all clean for sissy's birthday. It was so nice to wake up and have a clean house this morning. Cora was so excited to be baptized recently and she is doing her best to make good decisions. They are both growing and changing so much I hope I'm able to get on the ball and it's not another year before my next post.

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